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Company started it`s Business 2000.

SP Vet Care Limited is a company established with a moto to help promote responsible pet ownership by creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all pets. Our sole focus is to offer affordable and convenient pet care products and services.

We believe Sp Vet Care has the ideal balance of compassion, knowledge and experience, delivered to you the best vaccine for Poultry.

We believe also that all pet parents should be able to provide necessary care that enhances the lives of their pets. That starts by educating our audience on the importance of preventive veterinary care—and by giving pet parents convenient access to affordable veterinary services and a broad portfolio of pet health and wellness products to keep their pets happy and healthy all year long.

Salient Feature

Incorporate Association: SP Vet Care Limited is created by law.
Separated Legal Entity: Our Company can contact, sue and can be sued in its incorporate name and Capacity.
Perpetual Existence: Our perpetual existence is not affected by the death or change of the members.
Common seal: The common seal is affixed on all the documents by the managing director & director.
Distinction between Ownership & management: The ownership vest with the shareholders where it is run by director.
Maintenance of books: SP Vet Care Limited is keeping the prescribed set of books of Accounts.
Periodic Audit: Our Accounts periodically audited by C.A.
Right of access to information: Each shareholder has a right to access information & inspect the books of A/Cs.
Limited liability: The liability of each shareholder is limited to the extent of issue price of shares acquired by him/her.