Message of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bangladesh is an agricultural country and livestock is playing a key factor for developing agricultural sector. Animal health care vaccine of top quality with affordable price is that the prime need of the hour to develop livestock sector. Analyzing the dimensions and ever increasing demand of the marketplace for all kinds of medicines, feed additives (Vitamins, Minerals, amino acids, etc.), biological, implants and related Products for livestock and companion animals, it's clearly evident that animal health Products features a bright marketing Prospect in Bangladesh.

The promoters of SP Vet Care Limited, have visualized exploring the opportunities and investing during this sector so as to satisfy the increasing demand of Veterinary drugs and nutritional supplements within the existing local Market.

With this aim in sight SP Vet Care Limited, went into operation as a dedicated industry for the assembly of animal health care vaccine .

The company has moved beyond the initial start – up phase and is now meaning to seek public investors to finance its growth.

Parvin Sultana
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)