Bio-Vac NDV 6/10 -1000 Dose


All live attenuated vaccines against Newcastle disease use strains which might cause respiratory apparatus stress.
The NDV 6/10 strain is endowed with a residual respiratory and intracerebral pathogenic potential which is well below that determined comparatively for the most widespread lentogenic strains of the Newcastle disease virus. Considerable tolerability of the NDV 6/10 strain is demonstrated by the fact that no significant respiratory effects are noted in chickens vaccinated by spray at dosages of even 100 times the minimum level required for immunization.


This vaccine is prepared with Newcastle disease virus strain NDV 6/10.
1 dose of vaccine contains: not less than 106.5 EID50




Vaccinal prophylaxis of Newcastle disease in chickens.


The vaccine may be administrated:
Dissolve the contents of the vial in distilled water. Pour the obtained suspension into the atomizer tank, taking care to mix the vaccinal suspension before distribution.
Dissolve the contents of the vial in water; using appropriate dropping nosel, pour one drop in the eye and nostril of each subject.
Drinking water: 
Dissolve the contents of the vial in a small quantity of water, then pour it into the quantity of drinking water deemed necessary for administration. Rinse the vial and carefully mix the vaccinal water before distribution. The quantity of water necessary for even vaccination varies according to the age of the subject, the season and environment temperature


BIO-VAC NDV 6/10 can be used with animals of any age, after verifying their good general conditions of health.
A priming vaccination within the first week of age and a booster dose 2-3 weeks after the first administration.
In the case of future layers, besides the two vaccinations at the same age advised for the broilers, a third vaccination is necessary, before the beginning of the laying period, i.e. between the 15th and the 20th week; then at an interval of about 4 months.


The vaccine must be used by 1-2 h after reconstitution in water.
The vials must be burned or disinfected after use.


Store in a refrigerator at +2°C to +8°C.


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